venerdì 11 gennaio 2008

Microsoft vorrebbe prevenire il libero scambio di informazioni

leggo su DotGNU e cito...

DotGNU - Keeping You from Getting Tangled in a Net!

The DotGNU project was started in reaction to Microsoft's .NET strategy, which was born out of a vision for the future of information technology which we do not agree with, namely that "the era of 'open computing,' the free exchange of digital information that has defined the personal computer industry, is ending."

That .NET vision statement is so shocking that it is necessary to provide appropriate context, quoted here under "fair use" rights from the New York Times, July 25, 2002 (Late Edition, Section C, Page 6, Column 3) article "Microsoft Tries to Explain What Its .Net Plans Are About", written by John Markoff:

Microsoft sketched out an abbreviated road map today of how it will introduce products that offer .Net capabilities. One example was a communications server program with the code name Greenwich that is intended to enable advanced multimedia conferencing features for desktop and hand-held computer users. Another example was the next version of the company's database product, SQL Server, named Yukon, which is intended to make it easier to manage distributed data.

Finally, a brief demonstration was given of Windows Media Center -- a PC-based television that is intended to bring .Net-style information to the television in the living room.

Mr. Gates indicated, however, that the company's software promised land would be a new version of its Windows operating system with the code name Longhorn, which is still at least two years off.

Microsoft also warned today that the era of ''open computing,'' the free exchange of digital information that has defined the personal computer industry, is ending.

The company is trying to influence an industry consortium called the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance, which has been trying to create a new standard that will build a cryptographic key system into future personal computers.

e poi mi chiedono perchè io nutra sempre più sospetti verso certe compagnie...